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DM 60

생동감 넘치는 컬러링 처리 장비

제한 없는 색상
  • 혁신적인 DDC 기술은 무제한의 색상 선택권을 제공
  • 컬러 데이터베이스 제공
  • 자동 청소 프로그램은 유연한 사용과 빠른 색상 변경을 가능
  • 정확한 컬러 레시피를 전 세계에 공급
정확한 색 공식
제품 사양
Cycle time 150 minutes
Capacity per run Mid sized build job (e.g. EOS P396 or HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200)
Process chamber volume 80l | 21.1gal
Operating temperature Material dependent (up to 115°C |239°F )
Penetration depth of dye Material dependent (approx. 0.2mm on EOS PA 2200)
Maximum part size (Ø x H) 390mm x 360mm | 15.3inch x 14.2inch
Color cartridge options 8S, M, L, XL, DM Black L-R
Color options Unlimited
System (L x W x H) 950mm x 600mm x 945mm | 37.4inch x 23.7inch x 37.0inch
Recommended space requirement for operations
(L x W x H)
1850mm x 1800mm x 1700mm | 72.8inch x 70.9inch x 67.0inch
System weight 330 kg | 662 lb
Heating power 6kW
Requirements 400V, 50Hz, 16A or 208V, 60Hz, 20A
Conpressed air Consumption 4< 1.5 m3 per run, dry and oil-free compressed air
Water input Demineralized water, conductance < 20μS/cm, min. 4bar |58psi, volume flow 500l/h.
Fresh water volume per dyeing cycle (coloring and cleaning) max. 150l | 39.6gal
Waste water Coloring: max. 60l | 15.9gal per coloring, water temperature max. 95°C | 203°F
Cleaning: max. 90l | 23.8gal per cleaning, water temperature max. 45°C | 113°F
Waste water has to be treated in compliance with local regulations
Certification CE CE 2006/42/EG
CE 2014/68/EU
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